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In the past, tattoo removal was a difficult process that wasn't always highly effective. Today, the state of the art Picosure® laser from Cynosure has changed it all. The Picosure laser can target the pigment deep beneath your skin, shattering it into microparticles that your body will flush naturally. We at Hilo Laser Skincare in Hilo, Hawaii is happy to offer this type of tattoo removal to their patients.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

What kind of tattoos can be removed?

Hilo Laser Skincare offers tattoo removal using the Picosure laser system. The Picosure laser is unique in several ways, with one of the most notable ways being the types of ink it can remove. Picosure can remove most types of tattoos. It's effective for black ink removal and can even remove many colors. It's very effective at dealing with blue, green, and purple inks, all colors that were difficult to remove with past tattoo removal lasers. Dr. Miyashiro is happy to evaluate your tattoo and recommend the customized removal plan that will be most effective for your particular case.

What skin types can have tattoo removal?

The Picosure laser system is especially noteworthy because it can be used on any type of skin. In the past, patients with darker skin often weren't able to get laser tattoo removal successfully. The Picosure laser is safe and effective for use in all types of skin, including pale skin and darker skin.

How does Picosure remove tattoos?

The Picosure laser removes tattoos in a unique way using non-thermal acoustic energy. The lack of heat means that the Picosure laser passes through the upper layers of skin without breaking or damaging them at all -- the laser goes directly to the tattoo pigment that needs to be removed. The laser shatters the tattoo ink into many pieces, making dust of the ink. Over the coming weeks, your body will gradually release those pigment particles through the natural metabolic process.

How does Picosure tattoo removal feel?

Picosure laser tattoo removal is generally very well tolerated. You may feel a minor snapping sensation during the treatment, but it's generally not painful or uncomfortable for most patients.

Is there any downtime needed after tattoo removal?

No, there's no downtime required at all. You may notice some minor skin swelling, or your skin may be slightly flaky around the treatment site. Make sure to drink plenty of water. This helps your body flush the tattoo pigment particles effectively.

How many sessions will you need to remove a tattoo?

This can vary based on factors including the tattoo size, the type of ink, and your skin type. Most patients need to have five or more treatments in total. Dr. Miyashiro is glad to help you plan an effective tattoo removal plan.

*Individual Results May Vary

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