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The hands are one of the areas where aging can be the most obvious -- but it doesn't have to be that way any longer. The Picosure® laser treatment system offered at Hilo Laser Skincare in Hilo, Hawaii is used for a highly effective hand rejuvenation treatment that can resolve problems like lines, wrinkles, and dark spots to give you much more youthful looking hands. Call to schedule an appointment with us at Hilo Laser Skincare.

Hand Rejuvenation Q & A

What type of treatment works best for hand revitalization?

While creams, lotions, and sun protection can be very helpful, those things work best when the skin on your hands isn't already damaged. With sun damage and age comes a number of hand problems, including lines and dark spots. The best way to deal with these types of issues is the Picosure laser system. The treatment used for the hands is the same as the one used for facial revitalization: the Picosure Focus laser. This laser can be very successful in creating a more youthful look for your hands.

What are the most common problems for hands as you age?

Dark spots is one of the most common problems seen in aging hands. In fact, dark spots can even occur in younger patients if they have had a great deal of sun exposure. Rough skin and other skin texture issues are also quite commonly seen in aging hands. Another common problem for patients with aging hands is wrinkled or loose skin

How does the Picosure Focus treatment work on the hands?

The Picosure Focus laser delivers quick high energy bursts into the deeper layers of skin. The light from the laser will prompt your body to start the production of new collagen over time. It acoustically breaks up pigment into small particles that your body will then metabolize naturally. Picosure doesn't break the skin during treatment. You simply relax during the treatment -- it's rare for patients to feel any pain. A topical numbing cream can be used to reduce any discomfort if needed.

How many hand rejuvenation treatments will you need?

Every patient is unique, so this can vary. Most patients get the optimal benefit from anywhere from two to five treatment sessions in total.

How long do the treatments take?

Picosure treatments for hand rejuvenation are usually quite fast, with every session being only a few minutes.

How far apart should hand rejuvenation sessions be scheduled?

Hand rejuvenation sessions should generally be planned around six weeks apart. During the six weeks between sessions, your body will have time to flush particles of pigment from dark spots and regrow collagen to fill in lines on the skin. By the time your Picosure hand rejuvenation sessions are complete, you'll have the more youthful hands you've always wanted.

*Individual Results May Vary

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