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Fine line and wrinkle treatment is one of the most common requests from patients at Hilo Laser Skincare in Hilo, Hawaii. Patients want an effective solution for lines and wrinkles, but they don't want to go through an invasive surgery to get it. The Cynosure Picosure® laser can effectively rejuvenate the skin with powerful laser light by prompting your body to make new collagen to fill in the lines and wrinkles. Call to schedule an appointment with us today.

Fine Line and Wrinkle Treatment Q & A

What is the best solution for fine lines and wrinkles?

Patients at Hilo Laser Skincare often find that the Picosure Focus laser treatment, which is designed especially for revitalization in the face and neck areas. This treatment is extremely effective in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, which means that it can help you turn back the aging clock in a non-invasive way.

Why is Picosure different than other wrinkle reduction options?

The majority of lasers used for skin rejuvenation today employ intense heat in order to begin the healing process within the skin. Although this can be quite effective, it can also cause significant discomfort or pain. Further, the older lasers used in wrinkle reduction often require some recovery time. The Picosure laser doesn't use heat, but instead sends ultra short bursts of light into the deeper layers of the skin.

These bursts of laser light stimulate your body's innate healing abilities, prompting the production of new collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin both play a critical role in keeping the skin firm, smooth, and youthful looking, but they fade naturally over the years. Picosure treatment allows you to start producing collagen and elastin in much the same way that you did when you were younger. The end result is that fine lines and wrinkles can gradually vanish as they're filled in with fresh collagen and elastin growth.

How many treatments are needed?

This can vary by patient, but most patients get great results with anywhere from three to five treatments. Each session is only around 15 or 20 minutes long if you're treating the whole face.

What is recovery after fine line and wrinkle treatment like?

Recovery time after fine line and wrinkle treatment is usually quite short. You may have some mild redness for a short while after the treatment, but there are no major side effects at all. One of the most significant advantages of Picosure treatment for fine lines and wrinkles is that you can have your treatment and go back to your normal activities right away. Other types of fine line and wrinkle treatments, for example laser skin resurfacing, may require days or weeks of recovery. With Picosure, you can get a more youthful appearance without the pain or the downtime.

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