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Many patients suffer from acne scars today, whether it's a result of teenage acne from years ago or adult acne. We at Hilo Laser Skincare in Hilo, Hawaii are happy to help you reduce the acne scars with acne scar treatment using the Cynosure Picosure® system. The treatments are non-invasive and no downtime is needed.

Acne Scar Treatment Q & A

Why is Picosure treatment for acne scars better than traditional laser treatments?

Picosure has a several advantages over old fashioned laser treatments for acne scars. Picosure has a well-documented safety profile. Old fashioned lasers actually cause extra damage to the skin because they have to break the skin to start working on the acne scars. Picosure travels through the skin to begin healing of scar tissue from the inside out. Picosure is delivered in super short bursts, which means minimal discomfort for the patient. Another big advantage of Picosure for acne scar removal is that it usually requires less treatments to achieve the same results that an old fashioned laser would take far longer to achieve. Picosure can also be used in any skin type, from pale complexions to darker Asian skin and every shade in between.

How does Picosure work on acne scars?

Picosure works in two ways. First, it breaks down the scar tissue below the skin, which helps smooth out the skin and improves texture dramatically. Next, it prompts collagen synthesis in the skin cells beneath the acne scars. As your body starts to create extra collagen, the pits and depressions of the acne scars will gradually be filled in. Ultimately, this means that your skin will finally have a smooth surface without discoloration, depressions, or pits from the acne.

How long does Picosure treatment for acne scars take?

Picosure treatment for acne scars usually takes only around 15 or 20 minutes per session. Most patients have at least five sessions in total, but this varies based on your level of scarring and on your desired results.

How long do the results last for?

The results of Picosure for acne scar removal are quite long lasting. Most patients find that they only need to return to Hilo Laser Skincare once a year to have a touch-up session after their initial series of Picosure acne scar removal treatments are complete. You can encourage the longest lasting results with proper skincare routines, including avoidance of excessive sun, keeping the skin clean, and using quality spot treatments for small breakouts if needed in the future.


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